Sometimes life treats you with little surprises, and I must say last week was one of them! One of my Instagram Photos made it into a mini-exhibition hold in the Bookstore of DAC – The Danish Architecture Centre.

I love exploring my city through the lens of my camera. But I’m just an amateur trying to capture what I see, and documenting it on Instagram. So, even more, I was surprised when DAC contacted and asked me if they could use one of mine Instagram pictures tagged #fangdinby.

By using the tag #fangdinby, I had entered my picture into DAC’s photo competition ‘Fang din by’ (capture your city). A jury has selected the best ones to the Photo exhibition ‘Fang din by’ which opened on May 11th and are running until June 11th.

Well, it was without hesitation that I said yes!My picture wasn’t  selected for this exhibition, but are instead featured in a small additional mini-exhibition, in DAC’s bookstore also running until June 11th.

With a personal passion for architecture and city planning, DAC to me is always a great place to visit. So it was fun for me suddenly to be on display at the Bookstore of DAC.

In addition to the photo exhibition ‘capture your city’, DAC currently holds a number of other exciting exhibits, which also are worth a visit. One of them  ‘Built Denmark’“, which, through clever use of statistics gives a different perspective on Denmark and the many stories of the everyday lives lived in the built Denmark.
All in all, I highly recommend DAC a visit, and not just to see my little humble contribution at the time being.

If you want to know the story behind the picture, go to my recent post ‘Copenhagen as Seen from Above’

Or if you want to chek out DAC, before you visit, go to their website:

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