Denmark’s largest exhibition on Street photography at Øsknehallen. The exhibition “Street Photography 1917-2017 – A Tribute to Everyday Life” displays the range of street photography from both national and international artist.

With a historical perspective, Øksnehallen showcases the multitudes facets of the genre. Starting with Vivian Maier’s work, it takes the audience on a journey through times. Vivian Maier becomes a reference point for understanding the artwork of street photography. At the same time, her work becomes an optical lens the other artist on display is mirrored in.

Øksnehallen transformed into a miniature city

Øksnehallen is the perfect venue for such an exhibition. Walking into the arcade with the varies street photos from around the world on displays, feels like walking into a miniature city. The museum corridors become streets, streets corners and squares were random city life on a small scale unfolds itself. Urban space forms and structures city life, but people are the ones to create it. Øksnehallen sets by its architectural idiom a structured frame for experience, the audience is guided by the corridors of photos, but the audience becomes the ones to create the city life. A city life just there to be captured by a camera lens.

Street Photographer in the making

The exhibition also started me reflecting on my work as I stood there in the midst of the arcade packed with people. I have never looked at myself as a street photographer, on the contrary just an amateur playing with the art. I’m a novice, without training and the most basic knowledge of photographic technic and the history and tradition of Street Photography.

In this setting, I found myself among so many talented artists and many of them with their art on display. For whom my simple work cannot measure up. With an intuitive perspective, I try to give my take on the city. But isn’t that exactly the essence of street photography?

It becomes the case if you understand Street Photography as non-manipulated photographs, based on random encounters and events in public spaces? The pictures will naturally portray, how you see and perceive your surroundings. Some proclaim that in the art of mastering the art of capturing the everyday life, the camera has to become part of you. The smartphone is, for now, my choice of lens to capture the urban setting. And just like Vivan Mair captured the city and the daily life, I gave it a go!.



To find out more on the Exhibition read here

or to find out more about me and my perspective on street photograpy and using Instagram go to my post Capturing Copenhagen in an Instant


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