It’s Copenhagen´s 850th birthday, and this calls for a big celebration. The Golden Days festival is this year hosting a birthday party for my dear city and invites everyone to join the festivity from the 2 – 17th of September.

Watch Copenhagen Grow up

I love Copenhagen and are hence I’m naturally looking forward to this year’s Golden Days festival. And as a celebration warm up, I have found a neat little feature on the Copenhagen City Archives.

Copenhagen City Archives has digitalised a selection of maps and drawings. Stretching as far back to the 1100 century and upwards to today. You can scroll through nearly 700 city maps, and watch Copenhagen grow through the times. For one, like me with interest in urban development, this material is gold.

Although the web page is Danish, you can just by a little click, change every post into any language wanted. And even though it’s a Google translation, it is possible to search and find the maps without any Danish language skills.

According to the tales of Copenhagen, Absolon founded the town in 1167. The city though can be traced back as far to year 700 when it only was a small fishing village. Through the centuries it slowly expanded and changed its outlay, but with a more rapid paste in the last 200 years set off by the Industrial revolution in the middle of the 19th century. The impacts the industrialisation and urbanisation have had on Copenhagen, and its surrounding suburban areas becomes very apparent when looking at old historical maps of Copenhagen.  The digitalized maps give a different insight to the Copenhagen of today, and illustratively show how the birthday child has grown and developed over the decades and centuries of time.

To find the maps on the Copenhagen City Archives web page, click here

To Read more about this year’s Golden Days festival, and the program, click here


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