Instagram continually shapes my mental landscape of the city. I blog and Instagram as @Copenhagen_er on my pursue to capture my city experience. @Copenhagen_er is me Ditte Maria Sørensen; It is my digital footprint, my online persona.

With the mobile in my hand, I photograph the city as I see it. And with the Instagram application on the phone, I’m just one click away from not only other Instagrammers situated in Copenhagen but around the world. Regardless where they live the ones I like to follow, more or less have the same passion for street photography, architecture and urban spaces.

Instagram Not Just an Application

I think it is incredible how Instagram, enables people globally to engage in one another. As a social network, it mostly runs as a community, with inscribed social structures for appropriate behaviour. Instagram, of course, monitors the engagement on the system, so people don’t violate the official rules of engagement. But the community itself formes how to appropriately respond and comment on other Instagrammers work.

With just one click it is possible to cummunicate and see otherwise hidden places of the world. The virtual life, on the app, melts together with real-life experiences, mutual changes the way we engage and perceive our surroundings. I have no doubt.
Instagram has for sure changed my perspective on Copenhagen and its various cityscapes. I always get inspired whenever looking at other Instagrammers work.

Ny Ellebjerg station in the morning sun

Instagrammers work to inspire

Whether it’s professional or amateur photographers; they all let me look at Copenhagen in a new light. No matter where in the world they are situated and regardless of the genre or style the work, they always contribute to something new, all continually changing how I experience my surroundings. I am just a novice into the art of photography, but when I walk the streets, I can not help but look at my city as small photographs. Seeing the details I haven’t noticed before, and thanks to other Instagrammers in Copenhagen, I have discovered new parts of the town I maybe otherwise wouldn’t have.

Instagrammers today’s penpals

As a social network, Instagram is a genuine community that for most parts likes to help each other. Many Instagrams have therefore over time built genuine friendships around the world. They have become penpals of today. For most parts, they do not know the face of the person the engage with, but only how the person sees the world. But when travelling it´s not uncommon, to reach out to the community for advice and help on the journey. For some, this can be the opportunity to meet in person for the first time, and go on inspirational Insta-walks.

You can also read more about my perspective on Copenhagen here on my blog.

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