“The Wave” by Vertigo is back. Frost 18 opened this weekend. Once again “the Wave” is a highlight of the Copenhagen Frost Festival. Last year, this 80-meter-long and 4-meter in hight installation by Vertigo on Ofelia Plads got massive international attention, and this year is no exception and is already well-visited.

Frost in 2017 rightly called “The Wave” a “beacon in the winter city of Copenhagen”. It consists of 40 triangular light and sound gates which interact both sonically and visually with the audience. The audience becomes co-creators in the artwork. As a site-specific work of art, it was uniquely designed for the dock. Like waves on the sea, the ever-changing sounds and light roll over. With this, The Wave becomes a historical reference to the maritime history of the dock.

A wave to shine a light on the harbour

Last year, unfortunately, I did not have the time to visit the festival. But this weekend luckily, I succeeded. And just one day in, Ofelia Plads and “The Wave” already seem by many to be a favourite and well-photographed site in Copenhagen. I truly understand why. February is dark and cold. Copenhageners at this time of the year begin to miss the summer’s bright nights. As a small beaming lifebuoy in the dark “The Wave” on Ofelia Plads an otherwise desolate and windy place, with its changing light and sounds, invite people to come out and into the winter night as if it again was summer.

Frost 18 is more than “The Wave” on Ofelia Plads, it is a festival which sheer purpose is to light up the winter in Copenhagen. Throughout February in Copenhagen, you are invited to go out and be co-creating when you experience music events and light installations on handpicked destinations in Copenhagen. I can wholeheartedly recommend Frost 18.  Go out and experience the city as you maybe otherwise wouldn’t do.

“The Wave” Does she dare to enter


“The Wave” – we wait patiently on the Instagrammer

New uses of the Cityscape

The festival aims to use alternative city space and push the audience to experience the city in new ways. I think this is an exciting initiative, similar to Bispengbuen and how it has been used in recent years. To read more on this go to Bispingbuen – Failed Architecture?

The Wave On Ofelia Plads:  4. February – 25. Marts 2018

To find more info on Ofelia Plads or The Wave click Here


The Wave A Triangle of Fire
The Wave A Triangle of Fire

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