A Forgotten Place – The Royal Library Garden

The Royal Library Garden is a little sancturary hidden away in inner Copenhagen. The garden is forgotten for many Copenhageners, and maybe more known to the tourist being on guided tours in and around Copenhagen than Copenhageners themselves.

The Royal Library Garden

The park is situated on the historic site of Slotsholmen. Its many buildings are going back to entrepreneur King Christian IV who developed the site. Today the park is placed in mist of prominent neighbours. From the park you can see the tower of Christiansborg now housing the franchise restaurant Bojesen but also the Danish parliament.

The park is surrounded by the Danish National Archives and the Royal Danish Library and in the corner you see the Danish Jewish Museum. All the named institutions either linked to the Danish history or political power.

Royal Library Garden – A Hidden Gem at Spring and Summer Time

The park was a hidden gem for me as well until I as a student took on a job at the Danish Jewish Museum. In spring and summer time I enjoyed a bit of fresh air during my lunch break in the park, and while sitting there I began to notice the park’s visitors and listening to the many languages spoken in the park.

I was watching large groups with a tour guide coming in to the park, taking photos of the exact same scene I have, and just minutes later leaving the park. In my lunch break I could see three or fours groups performing the same tourist show for me.

Today I was taking a shortcut trough the park on my way to the Royal Library, and I saw a new species of tourist groups. People on Segways,  a phenomenon which is not new in the city, but somehow this made me stop and see the scenery ones again.

It have been a while since I last were in the park, and as a tourist I could not help my self . I had to take pictures of the scenery, and started imagining how the scenery would have been back in the good old days.

The Royal Library Garden a Park for Students

The reason the park is named after the Library, is due to the old entrance of the Royal Library opening up to the park. Before the time of the Black Diamond, this entrance was the main entrance and students were a part of the cityscape of the park. But with the Black Diamond came a new entrance, located by the waterfront, leaving the park forgotten in the back.

A Tourist Tip

But needing a place to rest on your stroll around Copenhagen? I will full hearted recommend you to buy a Sandwich at the little Italian sandwich shop “Vandkunsten Sandwich” in Rådhustræde and bring it to the park. Give your self the treat to enjoy the park and take in the historic atmosphere. And afterwards if the shopping is not calling, visit many of the great museums located on Slotsholmen.        

Se map of Slotsholmen here


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