I’m Ditte Maria Sørensen a Copenhagener living in the cityscape of Copenhagen, with a personal as well as an academic interest in urban space and architecture.
On this site, I will endeavour to tell stories about Copenhagen and its cityscapes, which capture the urban life both for the tourist and the Copenhagen-er in me.

With an academic background in cultural memory studies and architecture, I’m working in a cross-theoretical field of a variety of academic and professional disciplines, including archaeology, anthropology, geography, heritage conservation and management, architecture and urban planning. I’m especially interested in how history is used to transform space into a meaningful place.

From this perspective on the city I dear so much I will try to grasp the issues Copenhagen as so many other European cities faces, how to do urban planning which fits modern life but with respect for the Cities old architecture. How to create a city with atmosphere and life? I hope you as I find this an intriguing subject and will follow me along on my quest for answers and stories from the capital of Denmark.


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