Bispeengbuen a part of the Copenhagen cityscape

Bispeengbuen – Failed Architecture?

Bipeengbuen a gateway to Copenhagen, for some a architectural failure for others a interesting urban outdoor area in copenhagen with multible functions for citylife.

Music under Bipeengbuen

STÅHEJ under Bispeengbuen is one of those events which challenge this perception. Here the parking lot under Bispeengbuen with its rough concrete columns, which give the setting an industrial and barren expression, was transformed into an elegant concert hall.

While listening to soft electronic music performed by upcoming bands white women leads singing, you were able to be served by gentlemen dressed in tuxes in the golden bar. This event is just one in a series of happenings and events which have brought this area under Bipeengbuen to life.

The dual carriageway Bispeengbuen from 1972 with its six lanes led on columns through a residential neighbourhood on the border between Frederiksberg and Copenhagen municipal. For most people, it is considered an architectural and aesthetic mistake.

An Industrial Look

The area under Bispeengbuen with its rough industrial look, haven’t been an alluring space for city life. The construction could be considered a failed architectural project, without any opportunity to create a welcoming city life.

Both the event STÅHEJ and the previous event Bas under Buen tells an entirely different story. By using the space correctly, it shows how this area in the right setting can become a vibrant and living place. It took nearly 40 years, but now the locals, Frederiksberg municipality and associations such as “Liv Under Buen” have found new great ways to use this public space.

By are playing with function and space, they experienced that Bispeengbuen provides a sheltered outdoor space, which allows for outdoor activities safely protected from the rain.

Bispengbuen – not Just Dead Concrete

Before this was considered as just another dead concrete wasteland is by enterprising and innovative people now coming to life. Some of the happenings and events held at the site have been a success. Bas under Buen is one, but also the flea markets are worth mentioning. Jazz concerts on the other hand somehow do not work in this setting.

When space comes to life, the previously held events shows how cohesiveness between the function and the context is necessary.


Under Bipseengbuen

Life lived in the Gaps

The happenings and events showcase how a building, with its architectural idiom, do not entirely gives an area atmosphere, but also the spaces in between. Hence it is in the spaces in between buildings that city life appears.

Hence when planning and developing city area, it would be more appropriate to consider how a building physically is influencing the atmosphere in the urban landscape. How does the height of a building impact the wind condition on the ground, and what about the sunlight and shadows? Finally, does the building with its physical shape affect the atmosphere in between the spaces in a negative or positive way?

Cities are complex organic systems, which ‘s hard to comprehend. What for me makes them intriguing is how they function. How a layout of a town can create either an inviting pulsating atmosphere, but on the other hand creates dead spaces. Had it not been for the local entrepreneurs and public support the area under Bispeengbuen still could have been a desolate place, and Bispeengbuen in itself would still be seen as failed architecture.


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