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Øksnehallen a Photo story

Denmark’s largest exhibition on Street photography at Øsknehallen. The exhibition “Street Photography 1917-2017 – A Tribute to Everyday Life” displays the range of street photography from both national and international artist.

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A Monotonous Cityscape?

Like a blank canvas, the architects and city planners has since the 1990’th. Converted the scrubby ends of Copenhagen into residential areas. But is the cityscape in striving for creating unique architectural solutions in risk of becoming monotonous?

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Nu – Copenhagen meets Berlin

The little speciality shop Nu in Jægersborggade is a refreshing little shop. Its bare interior beams of bustling Berlin. In some way the location and the rustic deco is a perfect fit for Nu. The Street has in recent years undergone major changes. A huge part of the process of shaping the street into what…

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