Capturing Copenhagen in an Instant

Capturing Copenhagen on Instagram is done by many. Contemporary architecture with its concrete, glass and steel, and the old collourfull buildings, all are giving great photo opportunities.

Being on Instagram has given me some new perspectives on the city I dear so much, Copenhagen. While I am in love with the old Copenhagen, it seems that when it comes to photographically capturing the city, I have a fondness for contemporary buildings. With its clean lines and simplicity, I must say, it does do well in pictures.

Concrete, glass and steel are rising upwards to the sky, and by its architectural composition giving great photo opportunities. Whether it is foggy, reflection, BNW or minimalistic pictures they all more or less capture my interest.

Nordhavn, Ørestad, Teglholmen, Suseholmen, or Carlsberg Byen for instance, are all places in Copenhagen for photo opportunities. I have done my fair share of capturing these new contemporary buildings, in sunlight, backlight and some with reflection in the waterfront or a little puddle. Not all of them though made it onto Instagram. Mainly caused by my lack of photographic skills, but some did pass.

Reflecting on Copenhagens new cityscapes

When it comes to the photos, I double tap on Instagram the same patterns is reflected. But IRL somehow my feelings towards the new cityscapes of Copenhagen are quite the opposite.  I have been trying to grasp why this is so.

For me, they lack history and atmosphere, although I am well aware that the buildings old as new, can´t tell any stories on their one. The stories they presumably are telling are just a construction by my imagination, drawn upon a larger cultural memory.  The new neighbourhoods are about to be formed. Stories are in the making created by the population that for now sums up the area. Children that grows up calling it their home and as adults in 30 years from now maybe will be thinking back on the life and incidents that happened right here in the new cityscapes of Copenhagen. Where they learned to ride their bike, played with their friends on the streets or in the backyards and there has their first innocent kiss.

In time all those memories will give the area historical layers and its identity. Just like it happened in my neighbourhood Musikbyen in Sydhavnen nearly 100 years ago, and before that “Brokvartererne” Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Østerbro.

But for now, maybe the new residential areas with its buildings constructed in concrete, glass and steel can tell us a contemporary story of the resident’s life dreams and hopes. And in contrast to the old parts of Copenhagen predominantly build tiles,  give us a historical perspective our society today.

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  1. I liked your post and pictures. It showed a different face of Copenhagen. I like “different”. Thank you. 👍🏻

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