KB-Hallen ready for demolishing

KB-Hallen Demolition Marks End of Story

KB-Hallen is ready for Demolishing. The 20th of February huge machines captured the site on Peter Bangsvej in front of the legendary building KB-Hallen ready to begin demolition. A damaging fire had fatal consequences, and authorities hence decided that it was impossible to save. The demolition of the iconic building marked the final end of an era and seeing the machines for demolition on the site, evoked nostalgic memories for a lot of Copenhageners. Continue reading “KB-Hallen Demolition Marks End of Story”

Why KB-Hallen where Delisted?

In 2011 the KB-Hall were in a devastating fire leading up to it being delisted. But why was KB-Hallen delisted? This artikle seeks to ansver this question. Seeing the old building captured in flames evoked a lot of feelings. Not only were the architecture of the KB-Hall spectacular for its time, it somehow materialised a cultural memory common to many Copenhageners and Danes. Continue reading “Why KB-Hallen where Delisted?”