Silhouettes of the Copenhagen Cityscape

Silhuettes of the Copenhagen cityscape, strategically placed in eye side for the pedestrians, works as a free tourist guide. Well to set the scene, as I ever so often do, I once again wandered the streets of Copenhagen, and let my eyes scatter the scenery. Herer, I came upon a little treat for you dear readers and followers. Small graphic banners, illustrating the silhouettes of iconic places in Copenhagen. Continue reading “Silhouettes of the Copenhagen Cityscape”

Enghave Brygge – Remember My Harbour

– Giant Construction Concrete Epidemic

The Piece – Husk Min Havn – Remember My Harbour at the entrance to Enghave Brygge, works as a constantly reminder of what will come in the near future. As an apocalypse the mural street art in its outburst seems harmless. But embedded in it is a quite different story. By few words it shows a critical voice to the new city development at Enghave Brygge and the forthcoming demolition of the sanctuary for graffiti artist – Sydhavnen – Hall of Fame. Continue reading “Enghave Brygge – Remember My Harbour”