For quite some while now I have been absent from the blog. Here is why! For the time being, I’ve got the opportunity to be a research assistant at ENIGMA, and for those of you Danish reading people who like following my work, here  You can read more about it.

By following the link above, you find a nearly impossible short introduction to the architect Daniel Libeskind architectural theory, and how Libeskind perceives architecture as a language.  Ever since I first came across Libeskind and his architecture, my perspective on architecture, the city and the urban landscapes was forever changed.

I have always been in love with Copenhagen, but Libeskinds understanding of not only architecture but the entire world, have undoubtedly given me a more rich understanding of its many layers. The city is full of tales, and with a trained eye for details, the architecture becomes physical traces from a bygone era. Tales I still haven’t told but as I plan soon to start sharing with you.








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