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Who is Copenhagen_er?

I’m Ditte Maria Sørensen a Copenhagener living in the cityscape of Copenhagen, with a personal as well as an academic interest in urban space and architecture.

On this site, I will endeavour to give my perspective and a different insight to Copenhagen. Here I tell short stories about Copenhagen and its cityscapes. Hopefully, I will manage to capture the Copenhagen vibe both for the tourist and the Copenhagener.

Get a Professional outlook on the Copenhagen Cityscapes

With an academic background in cultural memory studies and architecture, I’m working in a crossfield of disciplines, such as history, archaeology, geography, anthropology, and architecture.  I’m especially interested in how history is used to transform space into meaningful places.

I hold a master in the history of religion. My master thesis was a conceptual analysis of the architect, Daniel Libeskind’s understanding of the term “history” and his use of history in his architecture. According to Libeskind, it is in our encounter with the architecture; we experience ourselves and the world. The built environment is an art of communicating, a Language and a cultural mirror that can tell us who we are, where we come from and in what direction we seek to go.

Inspired By Daniel Libeskind

Inspired by Libeskind’s theories of architecture, we can begin to see and discover our physical surroundings in a new light. If we know what to look for and understand the historical traces, the buildings maybe can tell us stories.

The city’s landscapes become an archive where hundreds of years of documents and artefacts are hidden away in eye side. For some just a dusty and hinged file, but for the trained eye, it is memories of a bygone time The city’s space becomes historical traces, which in its physical materiality contain stories. By its physical construction, architecture becomes a cultural mirror of ourselves, where we can read the specific periods of time in the changing language of architectural design. As historical tales, individual buildings are traces from a bygone era.

It is, from this perspective on the city I will try to grasp Copenhagen, the ongoing issues it, as so many other European towns faces today. How to do urban planning which fits modern life but still with respect for the cities old architecture.

Please feel free to engage

How to create a city with atmosphere and life? I hope you as I find this an intriguing subject and will follow me along on my quest for answers and stories from the capital of Denmark. I wish to inspire you, but also that you provide me new insights into the topics I engage. Therefore please feel free to comment.

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