KB-Hallen ready for demolishing

KB-Hallen Demolition Marks End of Story

KB-Hallen is ready for Demolishing. The 20th of February huge machines captured the site on Peter Bangsvej in front of the legendary building KB-Hallen ready to begin demolition. A damaging fire had fatal consequences, and authorities hence decided that it was impossible to save. The demolition of the iconic building marked the final end of an era and seeing the machines for demolition on the site, evoked nostalgic memories for a lot of Copenhageners.

KB-Hallen Ready for Demolishing – Evoking Emotions

My memory of the place is linked to some fieldwork I did on the Exhibition of new age and alternative philosophies of life “Krop, Sind og Ånd Messen” in regards to my study in history of religion. For others it was the one and only concert perform by the Beatles in Denmark. Well we are not all as lucky with our memories of the place.

Demolishing of KB-Hallen  – The End of a Battle

Now the battle for the site is definitive and it will not be restored. The demolition work is scheduled for two month, but what now, what are the future plans for the site? The plans for the site are not public yet, but back in January of 2014 the director of KB publicly spoke of their visions to dr.dk.

We would like to have a sports arena which is iconic, which is reaching out to the municipal and regional, but also to the national and international. And where there must be room for sports and cultural events, says Henrik Eigenbrod, director of KB, which is behind plans.

KB as the owners has a vision once again to build an iconic building, but at the same time it has to be fit for modern purposes. The price for this is – 150 Million dkk., but KB is only getting 80 million dkk., from the insurance.

Hopping on Donations and Economic Support

KB therefore is hopping on donations and economic support from Frederiksberg municipality. The matter is currently under hearing in the City Council but it seems there is a will from the city council to support in a new sports facility.

It is great to see Frederiksberg municipality is taken their responsibility in the matter. If the municipality which to build better facilities for sport and leisure, and they want to take an active role in supporting this field, they need to be part of the development, and not just leave it to the associations as KB.

Mayor Mr. Jørgen Glenthøj in this regard said on the 5th of February to “Frederiksberg Bladet”.

KB cannot undertake the great task of building a new sports arena without any help. We have a constructive dialogue with KB’s management about how Frederiksberg can help to restore the building. The dialogue has now been established that the municipal council has decided to make a so-called loan guarantee by the municipality the opportunity under the law. The loan guarantee is Frederiksberg Municipality’s contribution to the reconstruction of the building. And it is important for Frederiksberg need a new modern KB – arena for sports, music and other cultural events.

Also chairman of the Committee on Urban Development and the Environment Jan E. Jørgensen (V) commented to the press

Frederiksberg cannot do without the KB-Arena it is part of our DNA, so obviously it must be restored in a modern expression. It was a great sorrow, as the historic hall burned, but I imagine that KB- Hallen like a phoenix can rise its self from the ashes, and is the municipality able to help, we will do it

So the political will is there and visions for a future building which once again is seen as an icon of the city is there. Now it will be exciting to see what time will bring and whether their vision will be fulfilled or not.


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