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The little speciality shop Nu in Jægersborggade is a refreshing little shop. Its bare interior beams of bustling Berlin. In some way the location and the rustic deco is a perfect fit for Nu. The Street has in recent years undergone major changes. A huge part of the process of shaping the street into what it is today is Nu and other little speciality shops and cosy Cafes that’s popped up.

 Always Looking for New Brands with a Story to Tell

butikken Nu

The owner of Nu Julia always strives to be the first shop in Copenhagen to carry a brand. She is always on the lookout to get new interesting unknown labels to the shop. Whenever a product, a designer or artist begin to pop up in shops around Copenhagen, they will no longer be found in Nu.

Here the story of every item is essential. Who are the designer, artist or producer and how it is manufactured. The costumer does not just buy a t-shirt, but a unique piece you will only find few items of in Copenhagen.

With a preciseness and aesthetic eye for god design she selects items that is true the shops concept. Here in a mix you find local produced deli and drinks and upcoming Danish and international designers and artist. With a simplicity nothing seems out-of-order.

 Taking the Shop to the Street

With a desire to challenge the boundaries Nu is not your traditional shop. Julia has in the past used the little shop as a venue for events, and has future plans for new events and happenings. She wishes to hold small art exhibitions and have music and festivities.

Fernisering og reception

By taking the happenings out on the street, the shop uses the city space and creates temporary life in the urban space. She is transforming the little area outside the shop on Jægersborggade and is bringing the shop out on the street. By this she is connecting the shop with the street, and is capturing the whole essence and atmosphere of Jægersborggade. The street is a bustling community were shared ideas’ brings creative projects to life

 Jægersborggade – a Vibrant Place for Innovative Thinking

Today the street is a place for creative thinking. In every little shop and café you see the owners dreams and ideas coming through.

In recent years international newspapers as the Guardian has written fondly of the vibrant life in the Jægersborggade. The neighbourhood is no longer just known by Copenhageners, but it has gone international.

Tourist is lured out of inner city thanks to travel guides writing about this up and coming place. Giving a mix to the neighbourhood, it is no longer just Danish hipster’s who are drawn in but also international visitors. In this setting Julia has with her little shop created a little gem in Copenhagen, which makes the journey out of inner city worth the while.

For more info:

Address: Jægersborggade 35, 2200 København N

Read about Nu here

Read about Jægersborggade here


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