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The Piece – Husk Min Havn – Remember My Harbour at the entrance to Enghave Brygge, works as a constantly reminder of what will come in the near future. As an apocalypse the mural street art in its outburst seems harmless. But embedded in it is a quite different story. By few words it shows a critical voice to the new city development at Enghave Brygge and the forthcoming demolition of the sanctuary for graffiti artist – Sydhavnen – Hall of Fame.

“Sydhavnen Hall of Fame” to be Demolished

The decision to demolish the legendary street gallery –Sydhavnen Hall Of Fame – Shuffled many. The plans had been under way since 2002, and in November 2013 the first machines began clearing out the site.

To preserve a piece of the wall is to make a false still.

The Danish press reported from the site showing pictures of the machines in action. Since then the machines has stopped and the walls still stands, but it is only a matter of time before this is in the past.

Illustration: Ditte Maria Sørensen Grafitti Sydhavnen
Graffiti at Sydhavnen – Hall of Fame
Evolution by Ulrik Schiødt Worth of Preserving?

Enghave Brygge has since 1997 been a place for a graffiti community. In an ever-changing culture this place worked as an oasis for creative life in inner city. The most spoked about piece is Evolution by the street artist Ulrik Schiødt. Back in 2007 it was discussed if this piece was worth preserving or not. Could it be considered a part of the Danish cultural heritage?

Photo: Ditte Maria Sørensen. Evolution by Ulrik Schiødt
Evolution by Ulrik Schiødt

Not long after it was decided to reshape Enghave Brygge the politicians were getting second doubts. The discussions from 2007 arose again. The possibility to preserve a bit of the wall was considered, but hereby the politicians showed lack of understanding of the graffiti culture. It´s ever chancing and living nature.

To preserve a piece of the wall is to make a false still.  Now the graffiti were seen as a new possibility to brand Copenhagen, as a diverse city rich in a subculture.

The Harbour Under Development

The Copenhagen harbour has been and is under a huge development, that is changing the entire layout of the harbour.  This regards both Nordhavnen and Sydhavnen previously assigned to the industrial area.

New residential areas have come to life. Build with the desire to use the old industrial areas, from a bygone era in new ways fitted to modern life.Next step in this development is Enghave Brygge. The layout as it were the case with Sluseholmen inspired by Amsterdam. The new residential area, will provide new homes for people attracted to the vibrant city life. But at the same time pushing creative life away in the same process.

And now we have 2015. The machines are soon to come. What this is telling are the dilemmas inscribed in the work of urban planning. How to create a city, which provides space for the living art and cultural life Giving the best conditions for a subculture, moving faster than people who is considering themselves as first movers. But at the same time giving residential space for the families, which pointed this living culture as a driving force for choosing their life in the city.

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